What is Google Dance ?

“Google Dance” refers to massive changes in keyword rankings in the search results over a brief period of time. It occurs when, over an interval of several days, the rankings of specific keywords jump from very low to high and vice versa.

What Makes Google Dance

There are a number of factors that can have an impact on the causes of the emergence of Google Dance, some of which are:

  • Several Websites with Similar Content

The appearance of additional websites with the same content has made Google dance to locate the most pertinent pages to rank in the SERPs. The site will be analysed to determine which site will rank properly in the SERPs and danced in brackets for a few days. To establish the appropriate website page ranking, Google’s algorithm will examine the content and links.

  • Update of Unnatural Content

This occurs as a result of the content being updated too frequently, which causes an unusual detection. It doesn’t even show up after a few days with the intended keywords due to the inconsistent ranking in the SERPs caused by the frequent content updates. However, articles can still be found in the SERPs by using alternate keywords.

  • Inputting a new URL Slug

Slugs are a factor in SERP rankings; if the URL slug contains the target keyword, Google’s algorithm will give the page a high rating. However, altering the URL slug may confuse search engines as to which URL is important enough to receive a high rating. For this reason, you should delete the previous URL slug using Google Console after changing the current one. Decide which URL slug would appear first in a search for the target keyword. Utilising the Yoast SEO plugin, you can accomplish this by defining the canonical URL.

  • Possess Unnatural Backlinks

Recently released articles shouldn’t be coupled with backlinks too rapidly only to achieve a high ranking. Considering that it may be fatal, particularly if the article is of poor quality. Backlinks are one of the various instruments that a blogger can use to improve their SERP rankings. The truth is that using backlinks excessively or unnaturally might have a negative impact on how your website page ranks. The usage of several backlinks makes spam detectable and hence unnatural. Create comprehensive and engaging content for it, then wait a few weeks before pairing it with backlinks for the best effects.

  • Getting the Top Spot on an Old Website Is Still Simple

You’ve only had your website for a few months. The article suddenly went to page one without any delay. Search engines must examine the content and links on website pages because this kind of behaviour can raise suspicions. Whether the article deserves taking first place or not by dancing. The position that is best for the article is decided after analysis.

Instruction for Dealing with Google Dance

  • However, be reasonable when updating the content with your most targeted keywords, especially those that are pertinent to the earlier content. Google will recognise this as new content in the event of a content update differentiation.
  • Update and apply new content frequently.
  • Avoid over-optimizing the site, especially from the on-page side, as this will cause Google to dance around the issue of determining the SERP’s position even more. Simply decrease the link-in and update as necessary.
  • Stop searching for a lot of backlinks if you can make sure that Google Dance is exposed to the content and keywords you are targeting.

Above all, remember that developing a successful SEO strategy takes time. When it’s appropriate, Google will reward effective SEO techniques. Even though it’s slow, it’s worth the wait. Never react hastily or take unnecessary chances when it comes to your SEO rankings because the major search engine may flag any suspicious activity as an attempt to manipulate its algorithm.

Be patient and try not to get discouraged by the Google Dance. Fluctuations are inevitable, but as long as you keep using ethical SEO techniques, you’ll gradually start to see results.